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Aruba is one of the Caribbean’s main diving destinations. When you dive in Aruba you will find that the variety is suitable to a broad range of skill levels and interests. Home to abundant and healthy corals and schooling fish, Aruba boasts natural beauty to enrich your dive. Artificial reefs include ships that sank in World War II, scuttled airplanes and other intentionally placed vessels.


Antilla Wreck This German freighter was scuttled on May 10, 1940 when the Germans invaded Holland during World War II and is one of the largest wrecks in the Caribbean (400' long). Covered by tube sponges, coral

Arashi Airplane A fascinating reef for beginners. A sunken Lockheed Lodestar sits at 35 feet of water. Coral formations

Malmok & Debbie At this typical bottom reef you will find wildly spread leaf and brain corals. Stingrays and lobsters are abundant!

Star Gerren Sunk in Aug. 2000, this is Aruba's newest wreck site! Schools have fish have already discovered the site - Blue Striped, French Grunt, Blue Tang, Yellow Tail, Snapper and Yellow Goatfish may be found.

Pedernalis A beginner's paradise offering a combination of large pieces of wreck spread out between coral formations. You can see sections of cabins, wash basins, etc. as well as a pipeline system that goes with this oil tanker that was torpedoed in 1942 during World War II by a German submarine.

Harbor Reef / Pilot Boat Reef consisting of soft coral and hard coral formations, drops gradually to an old pilot boat wreck, where a pair of green moray eels are often seen.

Renaissance Airplane Dive into this Convair 400 wreck. The airplane was sunk on a sloping reef surrounded by soft corals.

Sponge Reef Home of the soft coral ranging from the orange elephant ear sponges to purple and yellow tube sponges. Also lots of vase and small basket sponges.

Tire Reef Black coral, sea whips, sea fingers, and plenty of gorgonians and sea fans. The green Moray eel and eagle rays are spotted occasionally here.

Barcadera Reef A healthy and beautiful reef, very dense with large coral formations. Many brain corals and an abundance of huge sea fans in the shallows.

Kantil Reef Fascinating drop-off with giant boulders of brain & star coral. Also lots of massive formations of leaf and sheet corals. Excellent for drift diving.

Skalahein Beautiful coral formations, very colorful, lots of sponges. A large variety of tropical fish. This is a good shallow dive.

Jane Sea Wreck A 250' cement freighter sitting upright on the bottom in 90' of water. The wreck is surrounded by beautiful coral formations. At this site you will find lots of angelfish and schooling tropical fish in and around the wreck.scuba diving aruba crab

Plonco Reef In between a great reef you have a chance to meet large lobsters, which scavenge the ocean floor for a bite to eat.

De Palm Slope Magnificent coral formations, sloping to great depths. Well known for barracudas.

Captain's Choice This site consists of a cool drop-off with huge brain and star coral, and sea fans leading down the slope to the bottom. Spotted moray eels are very common on this site.

The Finger The reef comes out like a finger pointing down to the deep water. Beautiful coral formations, sea fans in the sand surrounding the finger. Turtles are often seen on this dive site.

Mike's Reef Enormous clusters of gorgonians, brain and star corals dominate Mike's Reef. Brilliant purple and orange sponges, as well as a large variety of fish, inhabit this reef.

Mangel Halto Reef A pronounced slope gives you the opportunity to admire a myriad of coral combination and marine life. You will see interesting marine life, such as sea anemones and octopus.

Spanish Lagoon Reef Beautiful dive site with lots of variety in soft corals, big brain corals, and different types of snappers.

Isla de Oro Reef The shallow portion of the reef offers many different juvenile fish, followed by the deeper part with nice coral formations.


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Aruba’s culture is rich and vibrant. The island has many celebrations which are celebrated including holidays and festivals.


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